City of Paris Studios

Event Space for Parties, Meetings and Production Shoots

Recent Production booking at City of Paris Studios was a great success making this promotional video for the Athena controller. Check it out!

Great job Mariel Mostacero of Glass & Marker

Thanks for your support of our space! 

Another Production Booking! Sara Lovell ( booked our studio to use for shooting her music video to promote her latest children's music CD. The music (and dance) video shot in our space turned out so fun! We're very grateful for the support of our event space and happy to share to help her success. 
(Notice my Patio 'Paris Eiffel Towers' mosaic and Maddys framed artwork prints are behind the scenes) Check it out!

Private Holiday Corporate Parties are booking our Gallery fast -call to book yours soon!

Looking forward to a prosperous and busy 2019 with the many Production Bookings we receive.

Thank you Everybody!

Live Long, Laugh, Love Life, Be Happy.

We ALL Can Create and Be Inspiring!