Our COP Kids were included in another Art Exhibition at Deco Art Gallery @ 5495 Claremont Ave. in Oakland.

Their smiles and friends and artworks brightened up the place. Thanks again Carolyn for the invitation and including them!

Maddy (age 12) created a Go Fund Me Campaign- PLEASE DONATE!! 

Save art and crafts clubs and after school programs in our local public school Kate's current school and Maddy's future High school is Oakland Technical High School. This money will be taken directly by Madeline Runyon to the school to help save the Clubs and after school Art programs that are at risk of being eliminated because of budget cuts this 2017 year.Hey everyone, I started a fundraising campaign for Help Oakland tech clubs! 

Please tap to donate

Madeline's 1st First Friday show at American Steel. Exhibition of her Prints, Drawings and other collaborative works coming out of City of Paris Studios. 

City of Paris Studios

Event Space for Parties, Meetings and Production Shoots